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Are you looking for guidance in a certain aspect of your life? Do you feel stuck and would like some insight into what’s to come?

Whether you’re looking for information into a relationship, career change, love interest or a big move (to name a few) Rebecca can provide guidance through her Tarot Card Reading.

The pictures and underlying messages in the cards provide you with clarity for the Past, Present and Future. They represent events and energies that you are likely to encounter in life, such as reflection, decision-making, memories of loved ones, new beginnings, patience and many more.

Often spirit will present themselves during your reading, if they wish to communicate and pass on a message. This is to let you know they are guiding you on your journey and are supporting you from above.

All messages and readings are of a positive nature and are there to provide clarity and comfort.

See a greater path ahead. Gain a greater sense of who you are. Connect with loved ones. Find Balance. Feel Comfort.


All Rebecca asks when you come into a reading is to have an open mind and an open heart. It’s important that you feel relaxed to receive the messages that come forth. Rebecca is an empath, so your energy and openness is important.

If you have specific questions that you need clarification on, bring those along with you. Rebecca will try and guide you through the answers you are looking for.

Rebecca’s readings are one on one only unless it is a group event. 


PRICE $100

Payment for the reading must be completed 24 hours before the reading takes place.
48 hour notice of cancellation.
Methods of payment.
Visa | MC | E-Transfer | PAYPAL

I have had Rebecca do a couple of readings and every time I am amazed at what she picks up on! She was able to reflect on an incident that happened to me when I was younger when I was riding a horse … mom (who has passed) “shared it with Rebecca” and it brought back smiles and laugher and such wonderful memories. I can truly say that she is “gifted” and have recommended her to others that were also completely in awe how she was spot on with things that she was able to reflect upon.

I would highly recommend that if you have the fortunate opportunity to have a reading done by Rebecca you will not be disappointed.

~ Ann Wengrinowicz ~

All I can say is WOW. Rebecca has such a presence about her. The reading was outstanding, she conveyed messages from loved ones. I came away inspired and uplifted.
Highly recommend Rebecca at Hummingbird Whispers.

~ Karen Jones ~

You know when you meet someone and you feel an instant connection….You feel safe and understood”. That is Rebecca. She puts you completely at ease and in so doing allows you to open up to all possibilities. A truly GIFTED MEDIUM can change your life. She brought through specific information that no one else would know and allowed me to re-establish a connection with my mother who had crossed over 25 years ago. During the reading I felt like my Mom was right there with me. It was as if she had never left my side after all these years. Afterwards I felt such unconditional love. I would recommend a reading with Rebecca if you desire that type of reconnection.

Thank you Rebecca.

~ Brenda Johnston ~

Professional, in-depth readings that provide spiritual guidance.

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