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For over 10 years, Rebecca, a certified Clairvoyant of Hummingbird Whispers has been helping people find comfort in a time of need.  Built on a principle of trust and compassion, Rebecca has an innate ability to connect with sprits who have crossed over.  As your journey begins, Rebecca will communicate with spirits through sensory messages (seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling).  From there she will ask questions based on these messages, which will usually bring back fond memories for her clients. Through this journey, you will experience much laughter, joy and happiness. At times, you may experience tears, but from experience, those tears are often tears of joy and also relief.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A Clairvoyant & Spiritual READING

Her number one priority is to make sure you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. Whether your reading is face to face or by video call, rest assured that it’s in a warm and loving environment.

All messages relayed by spirit will be positive. Her reading will most likely make you laugh, cry and leave with a sense of peace and comfort. Loved ones come through to make you feel happy. They want you to know that they are never far away, and enjoy observing the moments that you create on earth. Whether it’s the birth of a new child, birthday, or other accomplishments, they want you to know they are with you through every step.

They also like to remind you that they are trying to communicate in some way, shape or form. Often it may be the flicker of a light, random feathers or coins appearing. Spirits have also been known to come though as birds, butterflies and other animals.  So keep your eyes peeled!

Rebecca’s readings are one on one only unless it is a group event. 

DURATION: 1 Hour & 15 Minutes

PRICE $100

Payment for the reading must be completed 24 hours before the reading takes place.
48 hour notice of cancellation.
Methods of payment.
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Clairvoyant and Psychic medium, Hummingbird Whispers.


When loved ones come though they often want to pass on a message. They want you to know that they are at peace, happy and are guiding you on your journey through life.

When giving a mediumship reading, Rebecca can often clairvoyantly see the spirit and describe what they look like. She can describe if they are male or female, their height, features and clothing to provide you with clarity on who is coming through.  She then tunes into your loved ones as they speak and listen to the messages they relay. This is called Clairaudience.  Often spirits will provide images, dates and symbols to identify themselves.

Can you call in specific loved ones?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a specific loved one will come through.
Even though we have someone specific in mind, it is up to  spirit if the timing is right and if they feel comfortable.  If you have recently lost a loved one, her recommendation would be to wait a while to have your reading.

5 star rating for Clairvoyant

You know when you meet someone and you feel an instant connection….You feel safe and understood”. That is Rebecca. She puts you completely at ease and in so doing allows you to open up to all possibilities. A truly GIFTED MEDIUM can change your life. She brought through specific information that no one else would know and allowed me to re-establish a connection with my mother who had crossed over 25 years ago. During the reading I felt like my Mom was right there with me. It was as if she had never left my side after all these years. Afterwards I felt such unconditional love. I would recommend a reading with Rebecca if you desire that type of reconnection.

Thank you Rebecca.

~ Brenda Johnston ~

5 star rating for psychic medium

I have had Rebecca do a couple of readings and every time I am amazed at what she picks up on! She was able to reflect on an incident that happened to me when I was younger when I was riding a horse … mom (who has passed) “shared it with Rebecca” and it brought back smiles and laugher and such wonderful memories. I can truly say that she is “gifted” and have recommended her to others that were also completely in awe how she was spot on with things that she was able to reflect upon.

I would highly recommend that if you have the fortunate opportunity to have a reading done by Rebecca you will not be disappointed.

~ Ann Wengrinowicz ~

5 star rating for spiritual guidance

I highly recommend Rebecca. The reading I received was exceptional and accurate, providing me with information and memories from my loved ones that only I could know. The whole experience was remarkable along with Rebecca’s ability to connect. Rebecca’s approach was gentle, professional and made me feel completely comfortable. If you are looking for answers, looking for clarity then a reading with Rebecca is highly recommended. Rebecca has a very special gift to share.

~ Emma Roebuck-Smythe ~

Professional, in-depth readings that provide spiritual guidance.

Seeking comfort, joy, relief? Book your reading today and enjoy an experience unique to you.

Professional, in-depth readings that provide spiritual guidance.

Seeking comfort, joy, relief? Book your reading today and enjoy an experience unique to you.