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Hummingbird Whispers provides guidance, support and comfort through spiritual and taro card readings.

ABOUT Hummingbird Whispers & Rebecca

I am Rebecca, a Certified Medium Practitioner, Tarot Card reader, and the founder of Hummingbird Whispers.

My journey into the spiritual realm began over a decade ago, marked by a deep engagement in meditation and a commitment to personal growth. From a young age, I was recognized for having a natural gift, a trait I believe everyone possesses. The key lies in quieting the mind and turning inward, yet often, the relentless pace of life masks our innate ability to connect with the deeper aspects of existence.

Years of healing, self-improvement, and learning from some of the world’s most esteemed Mediums and Healers have honed my abilities. Now, I am ready and eager to share these gifts with you, offering guidance and connection through my practice.

Meditation was a key factor in my personal development. Calming the mind and reaching within. 

Mindfulness meditation centers on being fully engaged in the here and now, a practice that significantly diminishes stress while enhancing calmness, clarity, and joy. These benefits were exactly what I needed amidst the challenges of a demanding job, societal pressures, and a difficult marriage.

Finding equilibrium in both my life and within myself was the turning point that led me to embark on a spiritual path, concentrating on healing, Tarot, and fostering connections with the spirit world. This shift in focus has not only been transformative but also unveiled my true calling.

In connecting with spirits, I help bring comfort, joy, and reassurance. Spirits communicate to remind us that they’re always close, despite being unseen. My role is to be the conduit for their messages, providing you with insights and affirmations.

During readings, my primary aim is to ensure your comfort, offering sessions that are light-hearted, uplifting, and healing in nature. If you’re reading this, consider it a sign that someone from the spirit world wishes to reach out to you.

With blessings, Rebecca

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Professional, in-depth readings that provide spiritual guidance.

Seeking comfort, joy, relief? Book your reading today and enjoy an experience unique to you.

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Seeking comfort, joy, relief? Book your reading today and enjoy an experience unique to you.